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EMF Radiation Assessment and Mitigation Services

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No matter if it's for health and wellbeing protection or with the aim to improve health, we look forward to assist you and your family to understand what is happing in your home and how to improve it by verifiable means.



I'll educate you on the components that, in our experience, make a healthier home and bedroom. When you understand the issues, it is easy to understand what needs to be changed.



An assessment of the current situation should be the beginning of improvement. You will be able to use the meters needed and together we'll discover what common and not so common issues my be plaguing your home.


Targeted Solutions

Knowing what needs to change, you can now take action. Some things are easy done and cost nothing, other will involve more professional approaches, most of the time you can implement this yourself.

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An introduction by Steve

For many years now I have been a Geovital consultant helping people and families improve their lives from man-made energies and Geopathic stresses. This journey has taken me all over New Zealand to consult for older homes, new homes and houses being built. I even was featured on TV, in the program Grand Designs, when I was involved in a home that was built with our shielding.

I am personally, able to live without the previous agitation and headaches experienced from EMF emitted from phone towers by use or the Geovital solutions I also help others with.

As a consultant I can help you understand how to best eliminate or mitigate adverse energy pollution in your home and bedroom. A typical consultation takes nearly 3 hours and will include an assessment for radio frequency, low frequency (electric and magnetic) and Geopathic stress radiation.

I look forward to helping you and am happy to travel distances so please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask what is involved.

Steve Hewitt

Here are some reasons we are unique


Our experience is grounded in our history of working with the patients of our health clinic.


We feel people want solutions, not experiments. Therefor we need the best approach to maximise our chances for an amazing outcome.


We feel a home assessment should be the basis for making any changes. Let our team show you or your patients how to investigate the home and develop a meaningful approach to improvement.

From personal health crisis to a global network of Geobiologists and Building Biologists that help fix the world, one house at a time

Our people a have passion to have their impact on the world and a desire to do it right the first time.

Dealing with EMF Radiation may not be as involved or difficult as one might think. In our experience, it is the bedroom and sleep, that matter most. The bedroom should therefor be perfect. Figuring out how to do this for yourself is a tricky task, hindered by so much misleading information. Let us help you.

Patient History

We seem to be the only people with a 35 year history working with health clients, when it comes to developing the best approach to help people.

Holistic Approach

Mitigation products should not fix one thing and then create other problems over the long-term. That makes sense.

Consultant Driven

A home assessment is the only way the lay person gets to truly find out what is wrong and what should be fixed. Without it, you may likely spent your money in the wrong places, not enough places or on the wrong solutions.

Logical & Verifiable

It is simple: When you measure radiation with instruments, the levels should be significantly lower when you've mitigated. In our approach you'll hear no dodgy claims of 'harmonising', 'neutralising' and 'balancing'. You can see the proof when taking 'before and after' measurements.

Hand Holding

When you start to mitigate your home situation, your consultant will be available to guide you through the process. You are not left without anyone to call.


With such a long history behind our approach, it says a lot about company. We love nothing better than the thank-you letters and happy families. Why risk going anywhere else?

Typical Problems

Found in Homes and Lives

EMF is a problem almost everyone has in their lives

You are in good hands

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"I have to tell you that I have never felt better, I have no swelling in my toes or fingers any more. I wake up feeling physically well, have my life force back. I am so thankful that we decided to paint the room. A big thank you to you for everything you have done and for selling us this amazing product. Thanks again."

– K. Arbuckle, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

Is EMF (electronic pollution) really a problem?

EMF is considered by many to be the new asbestos. There are literaly thousands of peer reviewed studies liking low-level radiation exposure, to levels far below the government exposure limits, to increased health risk.

Radiation everywhere!

Why bother doing anything?

True, our lives are swamped in EMF, but there is one thing working in your advantage. Sleep is where the body rests and repairs itself. The average bedroom is rather terrible when it comes to electronic pollution, but you DO have control over that space. Fix this 8 hours and it will have the biggest impact on the other 16 hours of the day.

Is it difficult to fix EMF exposure?

First we need to investigate with you. Once you know the issues (electric fields from wiring, RF from transmitters etc.) then an approach can me put together to address it. This you can, in most cases, do yourself. You'll be encouraging others to do the same shortly after.

Is it expensive to fix EMFs?

Depending on what is wrong and if you are renting or own your home, the approach to mitigate will vary. The cost of shielding a whole home is only a small component of the cost of the whole house. The bedroom is what matters most though, and we'd like to think that anyone can fix their bedroom or at least save up for it once they know what needs to be done.

On all the investments you make in health, this is what is most imporant to let your body do the amazing work it can.

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